Business- and corporate aviation: In our new and ultra modern facility at Rotterdam Airport we provide you with efficient and high quality maintenance. As we are familiar with your kind of operation and all relevant aspects of keeping your down time as short as possible, we think with our customers and create maintenance solutions that fits their needs. 

Turboprop and General Aviation: Over the past 30 years we have gained extensive experience in the field of both piston engine aircraft as well as turboprop aircraft.


  • We can perform all required maintenance on your aircraft including,
  • Structural repairs & paint touch-up
  • Avionics repairs, modifications and outfitting
  • Component maintenance
  • Non destructive testing & engineering - all aircraft types
  • Excellent on-base & off-base AOG support
  • Interior refurbishment
  • interior & exterior deep-cleaning
  • Short & long term parking
  • CAMO + maintenance management
  • Pre-buy inspection & advise
  • Import and ARC review of your aircraft

Our philosophy...your benefits


Rijnmond Air Services specializes in maintenance of your aircraft. Since we have been an aircraft operator ourselves for many years, we understand the importance to keep the customer in control of his maintenance. Over the years we have developed a concept of maintenance management which ensures a high quality of maintenance and at the same time keeps the customer in control. This system avoids the unpleasant financial surprises  after maintenance inputs.  We have learned the hard way, why should you?

Not only our frequent and open communication system but also our general support and  high quality maintenance services ensures that we will obtain our ultimate goal: a satisfied customer. We welcome you to visit our facilities and to discuss your requirements. We offer you a tailor-made maintenance solution and our full support.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to exceed the customers’ expectations in providing the best service on request with flexibility. We want to provide to you, the most efficient, complete and fully personalized service to meet both your personal and financial needs.